Nov 30, 2007

LG CU500 Hacks

I obviously won't be able to take pictures of this, but I'll at least explain things the best I can. So about 2 months ago, I was swooned by the iPhone craze and after seeing my combat bot friend George Hotz unlock the first iPhone, it got me thinking about what I could do to my phone. I'm not ready to go knee deep and break the thing in half, but I wanted to see what type of movement there was for my fairly recent phone.

I have the LG CU500 flip phone, which boasts a nice 1.5 Megapixel cam (Can take up to 1280x960 resolution pics), bluetooth, and a basic mp3 player. Also it is one of the first phones from Cingular/AT&T that has 3G capabilities. 3G is their high speed data network. It's actually really good.

So what is there to modify?

Well, for one thing.. anytime I use a Java app such as Google Maps, Gmail, or Opera, it has a nagging question about permission rights. It becomes a PITA real quick. Also, I don't like some of the stock tones on the phone (whenever it completes anything, it has a lil happy tone).

So, I googled up a few things, and came across 2 relevant links:

After buying an OEM data cable on ebay for a dollar and downloading BitPim, I was on my way to a better phone. I've modified the text message tones (can't be modified normally) so now I have all Simpsons style quotes. Currently I have Homer screaming about the Boogeyman. The Java nag has been removed as well. My phone is silent when confirming things as well. In the links there's a link to blank files to replace the confirmation tones.

It's a fairly easy to perform on your phone if you can pay attention. Otherwise your phone can essentially "brick".

Also, I haven't messed with it much, but dialing 277634#*# on the phone gets you the field service mode. Some nifty admin things that I'd prolly brick the phone if I messed with it.

Nov 28, 2007

Mini-Z club race rap-up

Another sunday of Dorks On Wheels racing came to a close. This week was a special one however. I finally got my mod car!!! My good racing buddy (and fellow Kutztown local) Larry hooked me up with a new 02 chassis for cheap, and with some help from Ed (swapped boards, stock for mod) I got the car at least to the point where it was running.

I've sanded the differential down, re-lubed it and installed back on. The PN disc dampener is really slick. I also LOVE the power the Anima motor has.

What it still needs:
  • A good set of rims. The wheels that came with the Pan Car kit completely suck. I cracked one installing a bearing.
  • Speaking of bearings.. A full bearing set. I forgot that I'm out of bearings.
  • +1 and +2 Toe Out steering bars. Car definitely needs more steering, as it's constantly pushing no matter what spring I threw at it.
  • Possibly -1 Knuckles? Haven't decided yet.
  • PN Memory Antenna. I love the pink one I have on my stock car.
Speaking of my stock car.. I ended up smoking the board on sunday as well. Seems there was a short inside due to a cut in the insulation of the - side lead. Took out one of the 3010 FETs. I ended up running Ed's Enzo all day. I dropped out of the F1 class after the first heat cause it sucked at handling completely, and I wanted to spend time getting the Mod car ready. The F1's board has always been hokey.. It's like it has a natural 2-speed tranny on it. All of a sudden it kicks into high gear. I might try getting the FETs replaced.

Sooner or later I'll get a post up here of my Mods to my LG CU500 phone. That's all for now.

Nov 25, 2007


Hey guys, I finally decided to make a blog for all my tech stuff... cars, bots, gadgets in general. I'll be putting up a few things I've done already within the next few days. Stay tuned.