Jan 18, 2008

Toys toys and more toys.

W00tness! Xmas brought me a bunch of new computer parts:

Upgrades to the Micro-ATX:
  • New DVD drive to replace the one that crapped out on me already..
  • 3GB of A-Data brand RAM complete with heatsinks.
  • White 80MM LED fan to help pull better airflow in.
Also, the parts came in for my new TV PC which will consist of:
  • Intel D201GLY2 mini-ITX Motherboard (1.3ghz Celeron)
  • 1GB Buffalo RAM
  • 80GB Western Digital Hard Drive
  • Lite-On DVD drive (for DVD movies)
  • Sparkle 200W slim PSU
  • Mercury TV Tuner Card
I've slowly been piecing together the new PC and should be done this weekend. Full Polycarbonate case with alum support blocks.

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