Feb 5, 2009

Been a month or so, but I has updates!!

First bit of info is only this... It's amazing how much difference it makes when you un-kink a coaxial cable:
from 200KB/s to 1.1MB/s like it was when we first moved in. Can't belive I didn't notice it until now.

Second thing.. I recently started fresh on a new hard drive and found out that transferring all the program data over to the new HD isn't all that hard, but the trickiest thing was iTunes and my iPhone. Make sure you have program folders and your documents and settings folders backed up!! I never realized how many things are located in application data.. especially iTunes. Windows Address Book saved me after I realized my contacts were wiped from my phone. Location of your contacts from there are: C:/Documents and Settings/[username]/Application Data/Microsoft/Address Book. You'll see your .wab file there and all you need to do is import!

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