Mar 26, 2008

DDR Pad Part 4

So I've finally got some pictures of how the wiring went.. not much but it will suffice.

Here's the board after cleaning off the black stuff with an abrasive bit. I tinned all the leads as well. There's 5 legs on either side and the ground in the center. Which is what?
From Left to Right: Start - A - Right - X - Up ___ Ground____ Down - Y - Left - B - Back
Next comes converting the Xbox controller plug with a standard USB plug. The Xbox controller is a standard USB plug, but the output is different. The colors match up. There's a yellow lead from the controller as well, but that apparently is not needed.
Ghetto finished conversion. I didn't have any shrink on hand, so electrical tape and duct tape did the job just fine.
The finished product. I used the Up Down Left and Right inputs, as well as start and back which were wired up to a small project box that housed 2 arcade style buttons that my feet can easily tap on when needed.

There you have it! It works just fine, I just need to fab a bar for myself and get a 1/2" sheet of plywood to help reinforce my weight on the pad. Next time I do a pad, I'll be doing the other trigger method mentioned and try and put lights in it.

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