Apr 13, 2008

Here's a visit to gadget corner...

Well today provided to be interesting... I picked up a few things at ridiculous prices..
First was a 2GB Sony Cybervault USB drive.. for $12!! Killer deal, and the pre-installed software was easily removable after a format ;-)

Next, I scored a Staples offshoot Bluetooth earpiece for my car for $20. I must say for a no-named staples licensed product, it's quite good! The mic works really well, I can hear everyone in the car, and the clip on piece is removable which saves breakage. Perfect for travel use. It also came with a spiffy charging/carrying case:

Last but not least.. I found a pair of flops that trumps my Reef Fanning bottle opener flops..
Meet Reef's Dram flops.. now, what's so special about it?
Ka-ching! A hidden polyurethane flask embedded in the heel!
It takes an allen wrench (with bottle opener as well) to open up the cap, which by the way, has a rubber gasket to prevent leakage! It also comes with a tiny funnel to pour in your drink of choice.
Cool thing is that it has a gauge on the bottom to tell you how much is left.. Each flop can carry about a shot and a half's worth. And since they carry these at the outlets, I picked them up for under $20. But that of course was with a discount coupon ;-)

Perfect way to make my coke taste slightly better =)

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