Apr 30, 2008

Gettin ready for outdoor TC racin'

Well the local track by me starts their summer outdoor season this coming weekend, and I decided to make the jump to Li-Po for my Touring Car. Stormer had a good deal, I got a pair of Orion 3200mAh packs for $66 each. Not shabby.
So I unpack the batteries and go to fit them in the car and I realize, there's something that's in the way.
As you can see, the T2's rear bulkhead has a small hump to contour the NiMH cells used normally. This was getting in the way of the battery sitting in right. After consulting the RC forums, I broke out my dremel. It took some small work, but I eventually cleared out the space needed for it to fit in.
Another thing you'll run into with the T2 is that the strap post sits lower than the LiPo does. To prevent some decent bending of the strap, I just shimmed it up with a .032" washer. Easy fix :)

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