Jun 17, 2008

A small lesson in router management

After helping my girlfriend's dad set up his wireless network and after flashing the BIOS on the gf's lappy, I got on an upgrade kick and saw if I needed any new driver updates. Turns out that my uber-router (aka DD-WRT's god-like software) finally updated to a final version of the current software. Pretty damn sweet! More features designed specifically for my router (Buffalo's WHR-G125, which btw seems to have an injunction against any wireless products...)

Anyways.. besides the sidetracking of the new router features, I was thinking about any other way I could improve my FPS rate for Call of Duty 4. Hmm.. what about port forwarding? I'd think it would matter more on the server side of things, but I decided to give it a try on my end. The common port used for CoD4 is 28960. Maybe it was luck, or coincidence but it helped out more with bullet register. Shots appeared to be hitting dead on. I'll see how this goes for a week...

Check is in the mail to me from selling my heroclix... The time to save up for a PS3 and a 3G iPwn begins!

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