Jul 5, 2008

The new TV!

Last week I got myself a new toy :-D Newegg.com - SCEPTRE 32" 16:9 8ms 720p LCD HDTV X32BV-Naga+

For the $550 price tag (and free shipping when I got it..) you get an LCD tv that uses OEM components, and can support 1080i! After toying around with it for several days, I can say that running my main PC from DVI to HDMI is the sickest thing I've seen... Playing CoD4 on there is AMAZING.. the framerate stays near 60FPS at the TV's native resolution! (1360x768p). Also it smokes away my mini-pc in terms of video performance on DVD. Until I get a PS3, this will definitely suffice for my DVD player.

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