Jul 24, 2008

Giving In To A Higher "Power"

So last week I had the computer idling, when all of a sudden the screen went blank and never came back.. I thought windows had halted on the sleep mode, but I was totally wrong. There was power still coming to the board and fans. Really weird. After spending half a night figuring out what was wrong, I ended up giving into a higher power. I've become acquaintences with the guys at Computer Wizards, and I had them do a diagnostic to figure out what exactly was the culprit.

Turns out the power supply is dead on the 12v side.. ugh.. That's TWO power supplies killed in TWO years. Wonder if I can get warranty? :) Either way I'm not going back to an Antec.. *shudders* The guys at Computer Wizards suggested Seasonic power supplies, and I checked it out on Newegg and elsewhere. Definitely great reviews, and a 5 year warranty. 5 freakin years! Also they do have a modular design which will help with cleaner wiring and only using the cables I need. I'll bite the bullet for the price that it is. Just need 30ish amps on the 12v rail =)

I should be back up Monday, and hopefully for a LONG time.

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