Jul 8, 2008

Out with the old, in with the new!

So after looking to mess around with the Mini PC's motherboard (spreading the heatsink to help dissipate heat) it appears I've killed the board. It boots up, but gives no display :( Oh well. I have no use for the intel d201gly2 for a while now anyways...

But on the bright side, I did pick up a PSP on a trade for my RC18T. The PSP comes with custom firmware. Dark Alex's 3.40 OE-A to be exact. It's a nifty CFW with an easy recovery menu. It took me a little, but I got the hang of it. I've got World Tour Soccer on a standalone .iso and it runs great!

Only downside to it is that it is a redundant system for me... The web browser has a nice proof of concept but sucks for streaming media. Good for quick browsing on the go. It will most likely end up being traded in when I go for the PS3, but we'll see. It's fun to experiment with considering you can essentially brick the system and recover it... every time!

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