Jul 8, 2008

Rob from the rich, and give to the poor!

So I just found out my Sceptre's ATSC/QAM tuner can pick up un-encrypted cable signals.. Hahaha this rules!

At home, we don't have a cable box, but we do have analog cable. Looks like they don't protect a ton of channels in the area here ;-)

UPDATE: So, I really do get a ton of channels!
  • 25+ Extra Digital channels (HD, 420i) with totally better resolution than Analog cable, Dolby Digital
  • Most of the Music Channels, Dolby Digital
  • Only 5 HD Channels tho.. signal gets weak after channel 113 on the tuner. TRUE 720p HD with 5.1 surround!! Incredibly sick!!
I won't complain for free, but I wish I got G4 and MORE HD channels! :-p

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