Jul 13, 2008

iPhone 3G baby!

Simply put, I wanted this phone since I heard they were doing a 3G version. I waited in line for 5 hours (5:30AM until 10:15) and got the 4th to last phone that the local ATT store had.
Okay, side story here... Take a look at the tool on the left in the white hat. This guy was trying to get a phone for him and his wife whom both had plans with ATT. Now, the wife couldn't be in line (1 phone per person), so he asked the associates before they opened up at 8 if he could bring his son in line to vouch as an "authorized user" for the 2nd phone. They agreed to it. NOW.. the kicker.. A friend of theirs drops the 2 year old off in his stroller, and they wait in line. Some of the guys immediately behind him were giving him heat for pulling some shenanigans with this, and rightfully so considering we were getting the last few phones. We get inside, and while I'm ahead waiting for the next rep, they tell the guy that they can only sell him one because the kid came AFTER they opened at 8, which essentially counts as gipping in line! The dude obviously flips out, and gives a dramatic speech about having his son out in the heat and telling them they lied to him.. it was priceless. This nerdy dude was complaining the entire morning about them being tight lipped, "lying" to him about what was left in the store, etc. He got what he deserved.

*end rant*

Anyways, I know have this beast of a phone, and I must say I am impressed, but there is some room for improvement.

  • WiFi RULES on this phone. Lightning fast speeds, instant streaming of music.
  • GPS RULES on this phone. The locator is fast, and nearly dead-on.
  • Free Apps and Web Apps work really well! All the ones I have tried out so far really do make use of the phone well.
  • The camera is definitely a step up from my CU500. The quality of picture is smoother.
  • Built in features are nice, plus the headphone jack is perfect for my car.
  • Mostly smaller quirks, but the firmware is a little weird at times. Almost like random actions. I'll unlock the phone from sleep and it goes straight to contacts. Safari randomly closes too.
  • Programs stopping when you hit the home button. Lame
  • Battery life, but that was already a known fact.
  • The accelerometer is very picky. Sometimes it's instantaneous in flipping sideways, other times it takes a few for it to kick over.
  • Bluetooth compatibility. I can't use my HT820 Stereo Headphones! The stock earbuds are a little loose for me, but I can deal with it for now. Looks like I need to get a regular pair of headphones again. Ugh.
Overall, it's small things that I can deal with, but this phone is capable of way more things that I need around. It is worth the investment.

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